We need changes, but health is more important; A Perfect Day Spa, it's health, it's life...
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        A Perfect Day Spa is a new and expanding massage center whose focus is to provide the best quality of service at an affordable price. A New concept that our community has never experienced and thus far has shown a great appreciation for. A Perfect Day has gone to extensive lengths to assist in a variety of charitable work in association with and for many local organizations ( i.e. Ladies red hat group, California School for the Deaf of Fremont, Costco, 24 Hour Fitness, etc).

        Our 70,000 square foot, beautifully equipped, Fremont, Santa Clara, and Millbrae facility are staffed with 200 professional masseuses skilled in a variety of Skin Care, Body Work, Yoga, Hot Stone Treatment, Qi-gong treatment, Reflexology techniques.

        A Perfect Day Spa does not have the intention of taking financial advantage of our clients for a profit. Our purpose is to contribute to our society, the public, and to the families around the Bay Area by providing a place where they can "get away" from their hectic day to day routine. A place where their mind, body, as well as their soul can benefit from a non-chemical, all natural, modern form of relaxation. Providing the best quality of service to our diverse client base has been a great delight for A Perfect Day Spa. Through our clients support and patronage our company has learned a lot about their backgrounds, cultures, and upbringings. From this information we have discovered that they all share one soul purpose; to improve their health. It is because of our clients that we feel obligated to taking the necessary precautions possible to guarantee the best quality of service. As time goes on, A Perfect Day Spa vows to commit our strongest efforts to expand this wonderful new culture to the bay area and across the nation. All in the best interest of our fellow mans well being.


  Fremont Location Over 10,000 sq ft Since 2003 Over 100 thousand members  
  Santa Clara Location Over 30,000 sq ft Since 2007 Over 20 thousand members  
  Millbrae Location Over 10,000 sq ft Since 2008 Over 5000 members
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